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Datastore CLI

The Datastore CLI tool will generate JSON Schema files and types for your data models.

Installing the CLI tool#

You can install @offix/cli npm:

npm install --save-dev @offix/cli

or with yarn:

yarn add --dev @offix/cli


You need a graphql schema containing your data models. We will use this sample graphql schema model.graphql:

scalar GraphQLObjectID
type Task {
_id: GraphQLObjectID!
title: String
description: String
numberOfDaysLeft: Number

The @model indicates that Task is a data model. @datasync indicates that Task has datasync enabled. The scalar GraphQLObjectID is the id type. _id will be used as the primary key in your local database.

Running the Datastore CLI#

With yarn:

yarn offix generate ./path/to/models ./path/to/output/dir

or with npx:

npx offix generate ./path/to/models ./path/to/output/dir

By default, @offix/cli assumes your models are in ./src/models and generates the output files in ./src/datasync/generated.